The Fascinating Boxer Breed

The Boxer's official classification is the  Working Class breed. His keen sense of hearing makes him an  instinctive guard dog, always alert. Although always vigilant,  the Boxer is not a nervous breed and will not bark without  cause. He has an uncanny ability to distinguish between friend  and intruder. One of the delightful qualities that sets the  Boxer apart is his human-like attempts to "converse," which  make his replacement by another breed difficult for one who  has owned a Boxer. He mimics the mood of his master and can  spend hours quietly lying at his feet.

The Boxer's most notable characteristic is his  desire for human affection. Though his spirited bearing,  square jaw, and cleanly muscled body suggest the  well-conditioned middleweight athlete of dogdom, the Boxer is  happiest when he is with people--especially children, watching  protectively over their play. His short smooth coat, handsome  chiseled head, and striking silhouette never fail to excite  comments from passersby as he trots jauntily by your side with  neck arched and tail held erect. He is truly a "dog for all  seasons," suiting the need for household guardian, attractive  companion, and children's playmate and loyal friend.

Be  sure your next family puppy is healthy and happy by finding  a breeder who registers their litters with the AKC. For more  information on buying a puppy go to these sites:;;
Below are links containing valuable information  regarding the health, care, training and basic information  regarding the Boxer. Many of these can be found on the American Boxer Club site.
Links to History and Training
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Links to Health Relating to  the Boxer

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